I am happy to accept commissions for portraits in the following mediums:

Acrylic; masonite, canvas or wood panels

Watercolour/gouache; watercolor canvas or watercolour papers

Mixed media: Watercolour paper

Information needed:

For personalized portraits:

quality photo or image. Please email me with details and specifics (medium, preferred surface, subject etc..)

For fantasy or other portraits

detail on what exactly you are wanting me to paint. (ie: color schemes, idea, hair color, eye color, and a rough idea of what you want) please note that these types of portraits do tend to be very open to interpretation by artist as I cannot see inside your head.

Logo Sketches

$75.00 these are either 9x12 or 11x14 on heavy drawing paper (generally graphite) depending on the subject and amount of detail

If you would like the piece painted, It will be an additional cost.

For a commissioned painting please contact me for details as pricing varies depending on the size and detail of the pieces.

I require half down (non-refundable) and half when the painting is done. Shipping will be included in the price quote. Framing is extra but, I do offer the service.

Bear in mind, All of my pieces entail much time and effort. While I may enjoy my work, it is in fact, still work. You are paying for my craft not just supplies. Thank you.

 Please feel free to email me with any inquiries:

serious inquiries only please

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