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The Acid Butterfly is Heather Kilgore, a self taught fantasy/ erotica artist. She resides in Virginia with her husband Chris and their 2 awesome children Thaddius and Thorin. She loves anything gothic and punk rock. The inspiration for her works have ever been the world she wants to create in her own mind. She loves erotica but it must be tastefully so. Her main medium is watercolors but she loves to work in charcoals. She has been published twice over, once for the 2007 ArtWanted Calendar and in 2006 for Homespun Help (a manual for  homebased therapists) She has been in love with the world of fantasy since she was a small child being read to by her mother. She is an avid reader herself and loves an artistic challenge. Some of her main influences have been Luis Royo, Julie Bell, Mercedes Lackey, Andre Norton and Marion Zimmer-Bradley. She finds great wonder in the world around her and pulls inspiration from such.  While she loves to look at her works she loves to hear what others think and the emotion it invokes in others.

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