Sketch Fest

What's Sketch Fest?

Sketch Fest is a 24 hour creative jam session with artists across the world, brought to you by Ellen Million Graphics. Our audience and fellow artists give us prompts that can be single words, links, collections, creatures, characters or concepts, and we sketch whatever catches our fancy. The only rule? Sketches can only be worked on for one hour.

I hope you all decide to participate!
you can see more info about sketch fest here
there is a nifty countdown on the page itsself so you can keep up with when the next one starts!

My participation is as follows
Draw and prompt! :)

Also, if you want a sketch from this or a previous Sketch-up, let me know.
Rough sketches- $15-$20 depending on difficulty and detail
Finished sketches (sketches turned into finished artwork) final size, and detail- $20-$40.
Painting from sketch- for purchase it will be $100
Just hit me with a comment or message as to which you are interested in purchasing
Please include:
Prompt name
what type of work you are interested in ie: rough sketch, finished sketch or painted piece
And I will make a button on the site JUST for that piece and send you the link

these prices are severely discounted JUST for sketch Fest!

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No unauthorized usage of artwork or reproduction is permitted.
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